Thread regarding State Street Corp. layoffs

I have reason to believe st str will have layoffs soon- can someone confirm

Reasons- the market, and how this company penny pinches.

  • executives in the office talking about headcount and cost savings they need.
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I think it’s part of their plan, make people leave so they don’t have to pay severance or unemployment. The level of penny pinch has gotten so out of hand their care of quality of work has just left the building

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Why on earth would they have layoffs while people are resigning in droves?

SSB mission accomplished. Make life miserable such that people will leave on their own.

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The small layoffs are the worst ,since the average worker doesn't know .
Until they call other departments for help and find out people they knew are no longer working there.

Yes the sneaky stealth layoffs due in secret

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Why why do people post the same posts !!!!!!!!!!! We already have 7,000 Posts on layoffs

Why not just post to them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't know.....
Even in good times, H1 groups push out American. It is on average the same in every office. Frequent small layoffs when you are not the same as them.

Chances are they have already prepared.
Mass layoff and recession not necessary, will not hit them

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