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KOHLS being acquired by the Franchise Group not Sycko

Hey, no worries about Kohls stealing Belk's thunder inside Sycko. Facts of the matter there was no way Sycko had the kind of money being put up for Kohls.

There was a point, before the Macy's infatuation, when anyone from Kohl's was gold for Belk. Then Belk became a bad name inside the industry talent pool and no one except Dollar Store and Macy's managers would consider working for Belk. That's another reason why Belk has RVP's with decades of tenure with Belk. No other retailer would even consider them as qualified for much of anything.

And yet, to this day, still no mass store closings as some trolls here have been forecasting for now years time.

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The franchise group operator of the vitamin shoppe health and wellness chain has entered into an exclusive three week period of sale negotiation with Kohl’s corporation. It is not over or accept by Kohl’s corporation yet!
Remember the 85 years old vitamin GNC and dietary supplement company has been saddled nearly $1 billion of debt before declared Chapter 11 in 2020 two years ago! As for poor and heavy in debts Belk you are operating like you are on top of the world! May be just like Sears or Toys R Us we are heading that way into the future someday? The question every associate at Belk asking for now is how long we poor suffering workers have to work for this loser company retail flee market Belk stores that we love to call Retail Shawshank Redemption everyday pathetic day! Enough said.

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