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How will it end for hpe?

How will it end for hpe? They get bought out?

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It never fails to amuse me how many tech companies, small and large, are dangling the “We’re an acquisition target for AWS” carrot in front of their employees as a way of convincing them to stay.

In every business unit without exception where I’ve heard this stated, the team subsequently loses some of its top talent to AWS!

Remember to thank your manager for their industry insight during the exit process!

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I used to work for HPE a couple of years back. I have asked that question ever since I left the company. From time to time, I talk with one of my friends who recently left HPE. I made the speculation that HPE will remerge with HP Inc. and become a single HP again. She disagreed with my conspiracy theory (which was fair, it was kind of baseless but not absolutely ridiculous). She said that she believes that AWS (Amazon Web Services) might be a better candidate. Amazon has some large $$$ in their bank.

I thought HPE was making a small comeback... until I saw their Q2 results this year. No, I was wrong. They are in deep waters still. My colleagues who still work at HPE are insisting that the company is doubling down with the HPC and AI solutions, which is not a bad strategy, but hardware is no longer a viable strategy in this ever-evolving software market.

They recently won a large sale with the US government. It seems like HPE only makes one giant sale every year and this will be it. This will only fill up the car tank to 1/5th of the tank.

HPE is NOT letting go of the Compaq legacy. They need to invest in SOFTWARE. They need to invest in IDENTIFYING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES. They need to invest in IDENTIFYING INDUSTRY ISSUES and figuring out a way to solve those issues. They need to invest in MARKETING. They need to invest in CATEGORY MANAGEMENT.

One of the largest issues I remember when I was at HPE is that every organization was competing against each other. When you make your products do the same thing but slap a different product line name on it, that will confuse your customers!

Adios, HPE.

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Is there anything in their portfolio worth buying? Herd gutted R&D budgets so badly they had to drop the Invent slogan because HPE no longer invents anything.

What IP does HPE have that has value?

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