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It can only get worse

For a long time I thought that the leadership would finally come up with some good plan for this company but I no longer have any hopes that this will happen. Unfortunately, I do not see that they have any plan other than cuts and more cuts. Looks like it could only get worse here?

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Internal tech summit for System Engineering, Architects etc. back in 2017.

Question from the floor:

“Why is the compensation package for the field SEs much lower than some of the competition?”

Neri with a straight face - “When you pay someone what they’re worth, they have no incentive to work harder and improve themselves!” - wow, I never appreciated that being underpaid compared to your industry peers could be a personal benefit!

Check please!

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The funny thing is that the attrition rate is so high at HPE that HPE recruiters are contacting me about open jobs. I am much happier with a more stable company.

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I still to this day remember when Antonio came to the Houston Compaq building in May 2019, before the big move, and I was still at HPE, there was a questionare...

Someone asked if our executives had any investment plans for R&D for quantum computing in Labs. Antonio had the look of a deer in headlights and just said, "Nope."

Then someone else asked, "Do we have a strategy for competing against cloud giants like AWS, Microsoft, and Google?" He said with a straight face, "Yes, we have a strategy.... and that is that we don't have one." Failed attempt to spark some humor, though the crickets were laughing.

Keep in mind, this was during an earnings call that was being livestreamed with a big in-person audience, so our investors and analysts were definitely listening in.

That stock price just down so hard the next day.

Must feel good the get paid millions with a golden, wait no, diamond stutted parachute.

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