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Don't quit

A lot of my coworkers are considering quitting due to everything that's been going on. I understand that being the first reaction when faced with the lack of job security for the first time in a while, but you should not follow that first instinct. If you're already okay with leaving, then let them lay you off. Milk them for as much money as you can. Why lose out on a good payout if you don't have to?

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Just got PIP at AWS after 4 months onboarding plan. I am shocked and highly upset with the lies. I am of with being let go but honestly. So this came as a surprise. Manager was distant to begin with, really terrible. Put me in dev plan after 3 months. Started failing me on my dev plan on purpose. First would Say did great then on Fridays would tell me you didn’t do well. Same happened the week after.

After that manager started being rude lately. Then got PIPed. I have 5 days to accept the offer or go through a 1 month dev plan. And if I fail I get 33% of amount. If I appeal and fail then I get 16% of the amount. I am willing to work but I don’t believe they want to keep me. So don’t want to further crush my confidence. I have 16 plus years work experience.

I can easily get a new job in a few weeks. It’s just that I feel that this is unfair and really angry and upset with the lies.

Want to spread the news that it’s one of the worst places to work in so if you get competing offers use AWS offer to negotiate but stay away.

I have been given 5 days to accept compensation should I wait or leave immediately?

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Look at this abuse

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