Thread regarding AES Corp. layoffs

Worried about the recession

I'm getting anxious because I haven't been able to find a new job for months now, and it seems to me that the situation here is worse than ever.
Murmurs of a possible recession are growing louder and I'm worried about what will happen here. Will the company be able to survive the recession?

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AES has the highest debt to equity ratio of any IPP. There is no doubt that AES will have layoffs in the Clean Energy group. In that area there is an abundance of over hiring and the lack of talent is incredible. I would not be surprised if AES eventually is broken up because they are carrying so much debt. Do your research, it is not hard to find and there are many IPPs that are far better managed and don't have someone at the top like Leo or Ken who couldn't tell you want the difference between a the siting of a solar farm versus a wind turbine is and why it matters to annual energy production. Clowns running the circus at AES for certain.

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