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Boost employee morale

There are fewer highly skilled employees and morale is very low. It is worrying that the management completely ignores it, or at least that is my impression. Is it so difficult for State Street to do something to boost employee morale?

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When I was having another stressful day due to the fact, I am trying to do the workload of
3 people. Due to the wonderful yearly layoffs.

My boss said to me, " well be grateful you did not get laid off and still have a job"

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I had an upper manager the other day refer to me as just a resource straight to my face the other day and I am using that to illustrate that they do in fact not care about employee morale at all.

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Yes it is, it means the company would have to go back to the 1960's up to 2000yr

When the company motto was employee's are our greatest assets

When the company gave its employees good raises and bonuses

When the company would find ways to increase employee benefits
This is why they had a loyal staff who would stay with the company 20,30,40 years until

When the bean counters took over in 2000yr it changed to the following

U.S workers are a great Expense we need to get rid of them

We must cut raises and bonuses to nil

We even must go as far as no raises and bonuses for at least 2 to 3 years

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