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You're always working

State Street doesn't give a damn about its employees. This is a toxic and stressful workplace I wouldn't recommend to anybody. They want us to be available all the time, weekday, weekend, day, night... You can never relax during your time off because it's going to end up interrupted by work calls or emails you are expected to respond to. Not a good place to work.

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@Post ID: @OP+1hFSZgFn - I was a long-time employee of State Street. I was never contacted when I was on vacation. My last full-time accounting role was working for a small corporation where I was working more than 55 hours a week. Sadly, my total compensation was around 40% less than what I had been earning at State Street. Salaries at the top equity giants starts at $102K for an analyst to $414k for a managing director. Current average State Street salaries is around $103,618. Of course it depends on your current role, job title and management level. I was never in senior management but you have to realize that even former employees were in management roles.
My point is that many small corporations believe that you are being adequately compensated when they aren't even paying you a salary that you can live on. Many small companies also think nothing of invading your privacy. Working for State Street was the best company that I ever worked for.

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Hit them really hard on the engagement survey they have right now. I told them their health care package was unacceptable.

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And the worst thing is Senior Mgmt isn't even smart enough to give big raises and bonuses to the people,

Working 55+ hours a week



And as you said thinking nothing of calling you after hours and worst when your on vacation.

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