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Still committed to your work?

I just stopped trying a long time ago. And yes, I can confirm that I feel more valued now than when I was giving my best. Has anyone's hard work really paid off here? Since I know many people who are just burned out and nothing more, I wonder why there are still those who put in a lot of effort?

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I'm afraid to retire. I need to bring in more gravy so I can afford Long term Care as an old fa-t.

Then again, I've seen people die of Cancer while they were still slogging it. They never had a chance to enjoy retirement life.

The magic is finding the middle ground to be happy

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lots of burnout all over the place. not just here. but the working environment makes things worse.

why should anyone put on their "A" game when you report to "B" and "C" players tired of making recommendations that simply get ignored. it's all about lining pockets of chosen few. and anything that interrupts that is put down. i know several peeps who already identified 2q,23 as they're escape date. heck a lot are looking at the 2023 timeframe.

the luckiest people here, other than the 3 letter people, are those ready to retire on the next 1-2 years. anyone with a decent amount of savings (north of $2.5M), no debt, good health, and early 60's should be in good shape....

of course a bad recession....and everyone reconsiders what's the next best

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