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Fire Sale Begins

Lumen (LUMN) is said to be working with Goldman Sachs and is looking at selling markets including Wyoming and Montana and potentially also considering Iowa and North Dakota, according to TMT Finance, which cited sources. The assets may be worth around $500 million.
The news comes after Dealreporter early last month said that Lumen (LUMN), formerly known as CenturyLink until 2020, is said to be preparing a sale of its entire European network, which may be valued at $1.5 billion to $2 billion.

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Legacy blue, green & qwest employees need to help us do our part in the QF CLEC markets.
Point out all of the BS Storey has done.
Be sure to let customers know how he cut on call pay during a pandemic.
Let customers know he raised late fees during a pandemic.
Let them know that Lumen is the ONLY communications company in America that didn’t give extra pay to front line workers, but himself spent 111,000.00 of company money traveling during a pandemic.
Push QF customers to the power company or cable company or whomever else is in the area.
Let’s force this piece of garbage & his buddy out of our areas.
Oh & be sure to point out, the guy who runs QF is also the same guy who threatens to sale all his L3 stock & crash the company if Storey didn’t replace Post.

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They rushed through the union negotiations and gave a relatively good deal for a reason. My bet is a large sale of sparsely populated areas

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You can’t sell without a willing buyer

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Lumen's Grand plan is to to sell off all operating areas outside of metro markets.
If not, they are doing great job chasing away the remaining customers.

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TMT Finance which is behind a paywall. I think they're dangling this in the public to get additional bids. They tried to sell off Montana about 4 years ago but nobody was interested.

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