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This site is as b8g a joke as GE

Why, oh why would an anonymous site go through and delete posts that deal with people being fired, forced to train their Indian replacements in order to get severance, and then be shown the door.

It's quite apparent that companies can have posts removed, and if you don't spout the current woke talking points, you are not allowed to speak.

We're in pure 1984 "Ministry of Information" land. It's so sad that you can't critique someone if they are a member of the new protected classes.

Weak sauce

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I didn't say one thing even remotely racist, so your argument has no standing.

I'm glad all the money saved by offshoring work will be spent to send employees out of state for certain "medical procedures".

Speak about employee health and doing the right thing while firing loyal, local employees.

That's what this is about. The sh---y optics from the company's "leadership".

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Unfortunately, some people went to far and above and beyond the topic by posting racist stuff on the post when they didn't need to go that far to make a point. This lead the post on the company replacing employees with folks from India being deleted. You could make a point about not agreeing with what Giant Eagle is doing with exporting jobs, but you don't have to add the racist rhetoric on top of it.

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Simply stating someone's onerous actions is not a personal insult. Actions have consequences, and sh---y actions usually have sh---y consequences.

Daddy's little girl is all too ready to pounce on a hot topic social issue to get some woke points, but then axes loyal, local workers when it helps the bottom line.

If stating that simple fact is a personal insult, then I guess there can be no commentary on leadership's actions.

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Not a GE owned forum, they have no influence over it. More likely you broke one of the website’s rules listed in the footer. Did you use foul language or personal insults?

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