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I can assure you all

There is indeed life after STT.
I left after a decade plus of working king and hard with a high degree of excellence. I kept hoping STT would get it’s act together.
They did not
I got an interview immediately and was hired within a day of my third interview with the one company.
I am so much more happy now with time to breath during the day.
No longer am I working 12-16 hours daily no hyperbole there.
Get your resume really detailed and up to date and get sending it out.
I had no idea work life balance existed to this level
My only regret is I was too loyal and waited too long.
I had high hopes when I first began at STT when I got the job out of college and there were a couple of glimmers here and there but always short lived and the pay was brutally low.
Get out now seriously I mean it. Life is so much better out of STT!

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I agree with you 100 percent. Life is better after State Street.
Amen, sister.

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Ok I’m done on here see ya all on the other side of the moon. This gal tried to give advice she’s outta here. Best of luck y’all b

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Because when I left I let my co workers know where I went that’s why and since this is to be safe and somewhat anonymous I’d prefer not my identity to be known. But you can doubt my integrity.
I will say it’s financial and a very high recognizable name
But there’s insurance companies out there and tech bio companies and universities that offer many great jobs that o considered. Be snarky but I was just giving advice that we f a long term long suffering employee could leave and find a great job you all can do it too. I don’t operate on bad faith maybe that also came through in my interview. Try it. It helps.

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Why is it that the people that left STT and got these great jobs somewhere else never give the name of the new awesome company they work for now?

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Ugh sorry apple modified my texts and I see they did. I had typed I’m literally NOT being dramatic. Sorry for the long chatter but me. I need to get ready for my job now. I just wanted to post on here to give hope to any and all. Esp if you’re US based they have great contempt for you and care not one wit about your. Life exists and thrives out of and after STT. Good luck.

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…and I might add to my comment any hardship you endure leaving STT is likely we’ll worth it you will never survive fully they will take from you more than you realize I urge you all to take the first step by testing the resume waters. That’s what I did and thankfully it was a fast process for me. But I worked hard on my resume and really scoured many job listings before I started to send it out. I’m literally being dramatic when I say my life is just so much better in so many ways since leaving.

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Yes I has relatives that had worked at STT which is why I took the job thinking hey they did alright but wow what a brutal realization the glory days were long gone.
So many long long long nights lost to STT I literally lament what could have been if I chose another offer or left sooner.
But I am so grateful I got out with my sanity.
Such a sad commentary on the clipper ship.

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Before the bean counters took over in 2000yr and started the trend of the yearly layoffs.

State Street was a happy place to work at. I know many people who stayed until it was time to retire , ecause the pay and benefits were great.

Glad you found a job so quickly ,I know people who had to take temp jobs for 3 years before they found a job .

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