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Ever since I started doing the bare minimum..

Ever since I no longer work myself to exhaustion and only do the bare minimum, I am more respected and valued here than ever.
Isn't that totally weird?
It is no wonder that this company is now teeming with non-performers and sinking.

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Completely sad, but entirely true. I made the same decision about five years ago after pouring my life into work for a decade with no reward or recognition, only being graded by my few shortcomings rather than my multitude of successes, seeing slackers get promoted or be given credit for my efforts, and downright lazy no good people who should've been fired carry on with absolutely no negative side effects.
I decided to "quiet quit" long before someone coined the phrase, and have been PROMOTED four times since I STOPPED TRYING...make no sense at all, but I'm not about to stop reaping the benefits of it.
I do feel bad for those "go-getters" and really great folks getting laid off, all while I'm fine just sitting in the back with my feet up. Hopefully they learn to try less so they can win more...?

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That's because all the hard workers at GE are viewed as minions. If you're true executive material, you're expected to fail up by being lazy and making bad judgment calls. The harder you work, the less you fit into the management structure.

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