Thread regarding 7-Eleven, Inc. layoffs

F ing the employees over again

What a total cluster *^%#. People with decades of service kicked to the curb with no warning. Contractor accounts turned off mid meetings with no notice. 7-eleven treats employees poorly and contractors with disdain.

They can try to say it was because of the Speedway acquisition but we all know it’s a load of bovine ex------t. For months we’ve heard “we aren’t making budget” which wasn’t a surprise to anyone with a brain since the budget was set as a percent over last year which was the best year in decades going into a declining economy. Just plain foolishness.

They continue to gut speedway. Beats me why they spent $21 billion just to burn it to the ground. My prediction of the future is Enon will be a ghost town and they will turn the Speedway stores into the same trashy 7-eleven stores we remember from the 70s that went out of business in the Midwest. So much for the plan of buying market share. Anyone want to bet on how much the VPs get in bonuses this year

Congrats to Casey’s, UDF, Circle K who will reap the benefits of 7-eleven mismanagement.

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With the prices that 7-eleven charges, they don't treat their customers well either.

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