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Promotions are hindered by staffing issues

Its the staffing issues. One of the biggest issues the company is experiencing, which is causing side effect problems across the company.

This is one of the unfortunate side effects. Some departments are so understaffed and in such a bad spot they cant afford to promote their best workers. This causes them to leave the company. When they do leave, since they are good workers who carry more than their weight, the department gets even worse, putting even more pressure on the handful of capable workers carrying the department.

Capable workers remaining get stressed, tired of always dealing with these issues, and see zero effort on SF's side to remedy the staffing issues causing so many problems across claims. They start to leave too.

All that remains is the mediocre staff who put in the minimum and log out for the day, which effects our brand significantly, as well as our reputation within the industry. Fixing this is going to be far more painful for the company than saving some money on operating costs by short staffing.

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Move the ET Managers and leaders on up to do the real jobs and work and promotions will open up. Real work

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Staffing issues, and the companies desire to run razor thin staffing for cost reduction have many negative effects on the company and its workers.

  1. great workers already have to carry the weight of many underperforming employees, on top of their own work. You are overloading your medicore/average/poor workers to the point they cant do all the work that needs to be done. This is a stress that is offloaded onto people you should want to keep, not drive out. This drives them out.
  1. Promotional issues as mentioned above. The second a department has a hiring wave to fix the staffing issue, half the department is able to flee the nightmare, and now back to square one for a year until the process repeats. This drives good workers out.
  1. Behavior modification by proxy: Your staff sees that over achiever get their poor performing coworkers tasks. Your staff sees the rock star frozen in dept. from promotion. Your staff sees who works hard and who doesn't and does know who is being rewarded. SF's behavior to hard workers causes people to stop striving to replicate, as there is no tangible payoff usually, however your quality of life at work decreases due to having to fix everyone's problems. You do not want to stand out as an over achiever in claims, it will stunt your promotional progress, burn you out, and make you hate claims and the company.

The benefit is cost metrics go down and you can have cheaper policies. Which means you sell more insurance, creating more work for the claims department that is hanging on by a thread and staffed full of people with work related trauma and stress.

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