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Stop shopping at “Coward Joe’s”

Typically, I am not one for politics but will make an exception this one time. 7-Eleven tends to operate their stores in regions that are more urban, diverse, and liberal-leaning than in suburban area… how else would they get away with such predatory pricing in areas deemed food deserts, and in the suburbs they typically can’t compete with Wawa, QT, or RaceTrac who simply operate nicer, cleaner stores. It would be great to hit 7-Eleven even more in the pocket by making sure every liberal you know who shops at 7-Eleven, Speedway, Stripes and other banners (1) deletes their 7-Rewards app (2) is aware of the CEO’s very rightward leaning conservative views… just look at his political contributions over the years to the likes of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump:

Time to bring SEI to its knees once again to the point it goes into bankruptcy again like it was in the early 1990’s.

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The whole concept of a 7-Eleven store isn’t about selling food or anything else for that matter even though they do indeed sell those products and make an enormous profit.

They sell convenience. “What you want (not need or should purchase or even should be able to purchase) when you want it.” “What you want, when you want it” was a slogan when I worked there and it describes the original concept perfectly.

Do you want to spend 20 minutes in a grocery store line or five minutes at 7-Eleven to purchase one or two items?

7-Eleven has a sophisticated computerized system which along with other information lets each store know what sells and what stays on the shelf taking up space. Space has monetary value. If it doesn’t sell, it doesn’t stay. This is the same for any grocery store.

I am not making a judgement call as to whether what has happened in minority communities is right, but that is the 7-Eleven concept.

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I want to point out that you aren’t just bringing some corporation with no human consequences to its knees. You are talking about people who suddenly have no job to pay higher electric bills, higher food prices, to say nothing of mortgages and rent. Think about the families that have children with no health insurance.

880 families will not be spending on anything they can do without and even some things they shouldn’t have to eliminate from their budget. This will impact jobs for others outside of 7-Eleven that provide those goods and services. This is the way recession is created. Obviously, this by itself isn’t going to throw the country into recession but it is certainly going to have a negative effect especially as it impacts other companies and businesses.

We need 880 additional jobs in Dallas and surrounding areas. Where are these going to be found? What happens to the single mother families who have no extended family to assist them?

Please don’t think I am a supporter of the way 7-Eleven is run. I worked for them for 32 years. I was lucky, I got to retire on my terms. They did not get to have security walk me to the door like a thief (That is a favorite method of thanking long and short term employees for their contributions when they have a layoff or fire someone.).

The HR department as a whole tried to make trouble for employees whenever and wherever possible. The best way to survive was to make sure that department forgot you existed. Since HR couldn’t or wouldn’t even write a job description it was possible to be forgotten. Incidentally, I didn’t have a negative encounter with HR, I just worked very hard not to come to their attention.

If a Japanese company becomes the owner of the company you work for run don’t walk to the employment office. You will not enjoy the so called improvements they make when they take over. And no, I don’t hate minorities, I am just telling the truth as I learned it working for 7-Eleven.

That is enough negative information. Warts and all I am not celebrating the demise of 7-Eleven. Some good people who did not deserve this are hurting today and I am truly sorry for that.

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food deserts are areas with limited access to affordable and nutritious food… it doesn’t mean 7-11 is only retailer in an area. 7-11 is not affordable. little of the food sold in a 7-11 is healthy or nutritious. the stores can order fruits & veg but often don’t bc of write-off concerns… remember when the company encouraged stores to sell fast food pizzas frozen then accepting ebt/snap for payment… then heating them in the store after purchase… bc selling them frozen it wasn’t considered fast food… leadership found a workaround to sell fast food and reap the benefits of snap… that’s just wrong and defeats the whole purpose of snap. when you think about it like that, yeah… it’d prob be better if 7-11 wasn’t in impoverished communities since they exploit them

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Why would you want a food desert to become more of one? Do you hate minorities?

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