Thread regarding HP (Hewlett-Packard) layoffs

There is still a lot of talent here

Yes, I think that HP still, despite everything, has a lot of capable, good employees, but the question is how long it will last until they also leave.

Is this leadership able to do anything to retain them?

Maybe it's already too late for HP, and maybe the leadership thinks that the best employees leaving is not a huge problem.

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The company is increasing dividend qtr over qtr so as to please shareholders and rewards its executive richly, while cutting cost everywhere. Print is declining fast and pc has razor thin margin and commodity market. The leaders are good at managing internally through re-org and cost cutting but lack innovative breakthru to grow top line and new market.

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Anyone still at HP is going to be there until they die or get laid off. If you could have left, had any ambition, and weren't afraid of change, you'd have left several years ago.

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"How long will it last before they leave?" Excuse me, but it's already started. We lost about ten engineers in my org in the last year.

Sure, there's a lot of talented people in the company but there's no incentive. HP is losing its best talent very quickly. I haven't heard of any plans for retention.

People are leaving because the company bureacratic methods and procedures when people want to innovate. IP subsmissions get shot down so fast. I literally had an IP attorney that works on another family of technologies tell me, and I'm not exaggerating, that he MUST reject all new IP submissions for a given amount of time. Why? Well, there's no funding so HP is being incredibly conservative about whose IP to defend in court.

This is terrible and it's starting to make a lot of sense. I filed 25 IP submissions last in the two years. Guess how many is HP going to defend in court? .... Go on, guess....

ZERO! And the best part... Guess how many of those ideas have I seen from our competitors just recently announced? Go on, guess.... Come, don't be shy...


Sorry for the caps lock but I just want to put emphasis on that.

You want to know we are losing to our competitors? You want to know why people are leaving the company? Right there...

Why am I wasting my time when HP clearly is not interested in being competitive?

If you think IP submissions are bad then boy oh boy don't even get me started on the ridculous innovation funnel.

This company refuses to give feedback on why ideas get rejected.

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