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The reporting the last few quarters, and , concurrently timed, paid analyst articles, are now being exposed as most definitely skewed with many liberties, potentially fraudulent.
Reread the past 2 earnings and related analyst Pay-to-Play Industry Rag Articles and Review the Following:

  1. The over-the-top emphasis on Revenue as "highest ever". It was the whole "look over hear, not there" calculated redirection to avoid scrutiny on the red flags that existed if one was really looking {NOTE: NOT POSSIBLE for ARR from Q2 to be accurate post 6/28/22 preliminary news}
  2. Complete avoidance of discussing lost business and future ARR associated with lost business. They continued to claim 6million seats, and imply they had converted 1/2 of those. Belief is they took one license deal at a client then claimed every seat that client has as an Avaya cloud Seat. Many implied liberties taken
  3. Margin on pending $400m deals, and future deals. Total avoidance to inform market on Margin Creep associated with said deal, and how said deal was nowhere near replicatable (rather, continued emphasis that the pending $400m deal was the start of many more).
  4. Why has no proper industry analyst reviewed the history of those in charge. COB ' W' was voted out of Seagate with a vote of no confidence. Why is this important? B/c he came over, being a previous mentor of ex-CEO 'C' and became the Board Block, not an objective COB. He did everything in his power to avoid a no confidence vote. Also, he helped shape a relatively useless board that he could control. Now let's review CFO. Worked closely with old CEO 'C' at IBM. He sold CA to Broadcom. In the process, was quoted speaking to their transition to subscription model that had yet to be realized. He took a victory lap at sale for the transition, which was simply a 'plan", not a real executed success. Fast forward a few months later and he joins Avaya. A few months after that Avaya rolls out the subscription go to market plan. CFO didn't spend any time learning Avayas unique business. He just pulled out his "accounting engineering Olympics" playbook and force fed it. Then they had meat-head puppet sales leaders who shoved the plan, literally and figuratively, down the throats of the front line sales teams and clients. It was clear. They planned to present false implied success to then sell and get a big payout. They had zero concern for stable, long term success. It backfired on them, and here we are.
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I agree with the comment below, too many career CEO’s and leadership roles moving around to where their friends are . Circles of uselessness.

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I'm an investor from the UK. I'm beyond challenged to understand how it could get to this. When I search forums to learn more about what they may do to fix things, I encounter ridiculous self-promoting posts from Avayas marketing team. Repostings of announcements that share nothing new. I can't imagine there is a need to keep these extraneous employees that don't have the ability to drive change or growth. They appear to just be flying around and promoting themselves as individuals. I can at least look forward to such waste being addressed. However, as a trained engineer myself, I'm frustrated to read about so many cuts in engineering and IT. Those are the doers an organization needs to grow. Not the fluff.

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