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Can someone explain this to me?

What the neck is Altice Shared Services? This is supposed to be the level up department to fix my cable box. So I told them which box it was but they insisted on checking the wrong box. Then when she finally understood that it was my other box she sent the signal or whatever to that one. Someone else got on the line and decided they have to send a tech out. Problem is they either don't work on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Is that true?
I hope the tech is better these people of am I wrong?

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No Verizon here.
I thought while everyone was venting I might get an intelligent answer. Of course I was venting too.
Silly me.

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You realize you’re on a site about layoffs right? Go get Verizon like a normal person

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Forgot to add that a day later someone else from shared services called me and wanted to try to fix the cable box over the phone. So I went through the same explanation of what was wrong. He then sent the signal to the wrong box just like the previous person had done. He then wanted me to remove a wire from the back of the box. No, just no. Send out the tech.

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