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PLEASE Trim Fat & Sell

Switching out the CEO is not enough. The large investment groups will have investigators engaged come Monday on the financial reporting. I can't see the CFO making it out without an investigation at the very least by NYSE and SEC, and possible charges for either withholding information or deliberately misleading investors. The entire marketing and product areas must be scrubbed. Investors were looking for hope to keep believing in Avaya. Now we realize all we had were puppets spinning the lies of exponential growth and record revenue. In this day and age, Avayas marketing is out dated at best, comical at worst. They clearly want us to read all they put out there...but why? For anyone who actually studies them, it's a dose of silly town. Like they read an article on use of social media for grassroots engagementin Business 101 in 2011 and decided to execute it in 2021. And the past month, when so many of us were crossing our fingers that our belief in Avaya would pay off, they were still ba----g the drum and attempting to con us to trust their spin. There was zero attempt to redirect activities to stabilize the business. Just more of the same that got them nowhere. And then after this past week, it's as if us shareholders are just random outsiders they owe nothing to. Of course Avaya is in this situation when you study what is out there. They have a bunch of clowns and promoters. No strategic minds. No competent, respectful people who know how to weather the emotion that comes with such a tragic downfall. Just more of the same. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't try this failed experiment yet again. Trim the darn fat. ASAP. Focus on cleaning the books. Realize the assets and tighten the value proposition. And SELL. We can't go through a joke of a rebuild yet again. Enough is enough. (Keep engineers. Keep customer facing. Eliminate the obtrusive process to get any customer issue addressed. Get rid of silly promoters and fluff).
AND DONT FORGET -- employees are shareholders, too. Our shares don't do well when we pay the wrong people to do things that yield nothing. It sickens me how I fought to drive customer success, when others were just in a perpetual public relations loop of special events, all Avaya paid.

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Yeah. I have always found it odd that Avaya has been attempting to leverage consumer marketing tactics and campaigns. They don't sell to consumers, and they don't even sell to the consumers who consume their solutions. So they use consumer marketing tactics to promote themselves to the core channel whom they need not promote themselves to. Do nothing to expand the business outside of the core channel. And then try to keep up with the joneses on modern social media twists. THAT IS NOT MARKETING. Marketing is strategically marketing to the audience you WANT (not already have, that is called Account Management) after aligning your products and solutions in such a way that you are solving the target audiences' needs. They just check random boxes of marketing activity, that do not align with the core business. Meanwhile, the competition has run away with the key segments Avaya needs.

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