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Your functional/business manager (not your people manager) should define goals for the coming year. If you meet or exceed your goals you should get a pay increase.

All these other goals is just bullsh*t

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Please eat steak and stay healthy. Our ex-ceo used to love steak

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I'm a lower Manager, it's a bit embarrassing there's so many of us in management team that there's usually multiple of us managing the same employee as we don't have enough work.

We invent processes, and there's usually 7 of us in a meeting when there's only a need for 3 or 4.

There's so much repition as multiple managers re inventing the wheel, and our main focus is on cuts.

So you will get useless objectives, and numerous ones, to make it look like we're are keeping an eye on things.

I would rather move elsewhere and do something useful instead of attending meeting after meeting about the previous cuts meeting.

I have to invent stuff to stop employees progressing or expanding the company. The staff get so fed up with the invented processes that they give up in the end.

Its a circle. It's diabolical, but you can't complain to anyone as the whole chain is just full of yes men.

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"Submitting your time sheet on time shouldn't be a goal"

Amen to that!

I think it speaks volumes about this company when we're spammed by at least three different managers every two weeks with reminders to "Get your time in"!

Top heavy much??

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The head of HR gets a salary of $5,000,000.00 and she doesn't understand what motivates people is not just meeting stupid goals, but getting a pay increase because they meet or exceed them.

Submitting your time sheet on time shouldn't be a goal, you should be fired if you can't do that one simple task on time with only a few exceptions

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