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Musk Encourages Tesla Staff While Warning of ‘Tough Quarter’

Tesla Inc. has had a “very tough quarter” as it struggles with supply-chain snags, Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk warned in an internal memo, imploring workers to help get the electric-vehicle maker back on track.

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China has the on/off switch with zero covid policy. Musk can send emails to employees to work harder but does it really matter. Shanghai to shut down again is the word on the streets and sections of Beijing and Hong Kong to follow.
With interest rate hikes, stock market to go down until inflation can be controlled. Recession is going to hit meaning more layoffs in both hourly and salaried workers as demand drops. Are you going to buy a 75k car when you may be at risk of layoff with high unemployment rate and difficulty finding your next job, or save your money to pay for food and rent while you look for your next job? Tough time ahead for several years since inflation can't be controlled due to shortage in supply. And supply (let's say wheat), there is only so much of it for a growing population, and with war wheat is stuck in Ukraine warehouses rotting. All tech stocks to go down further for some time before stabilizing. I guess with food shortages, this is one way to thin up the fat diabetic USA population and less food wastage. And better health for all Americans. The problem is the poor countries will suffer the most once again.

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