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"Teradata is 7X Less Expensive Than Snowflake"

Just saw a Teradata promotion that said how much cheaper they are than Snowflake? This is proof how desperate things are at TDC. First, why promote your competitor unless they are taking all your customers. Second, why promote how cheap you are? What about value? The new CMO JW is no smarter than M.e. who called all the glaring issues like legacy reputation, old technology, high expense, and competitors taking customers "myths" when all those things are clear facts. #TDCGotSnowBalled

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Ask SM how TDC calculates 7X less than Snowflake. Marketing Math and he will not even know how to respond. Embarrassing to give your competitor so much awareness. When Teradata was dominant in the late 90s they would never mention a competitor by name. My how times have changed.

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Get your TCores here ! Not once, not twice, not three times but seven times cheaper !!!

So how much is it then, Steve ?
You know how much is, Frank

  • And that includes the amp, yeah?
  • No.

That does not include the amp.

  • I thought it included the amp.

Well, it doesn't. I'll throw in one
of these BYNETS if you like,
but it does not include the amp.
Very nice.
I hope it includes the cabinet.
It doesn't include the cabinet
it doesn't include the amp.
And it's not supposed to include me getting the hump with your stupid questions.
Now you want it, Frank, you buy it.
What else do I get with it?
You get a gold-plated CSP, as long as you pay for it.
Don't know, Steve
Seems expensive.
Seems... well, this seems
to be a waste of my time.
That is 7 times cheaper than in any marketplace
What school of finance
did you study?
It's a deal, it's a steal.
It's the sale of the century

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Anyone that's ever been involved with competitive benchmarks knows that if you cherry pick the workload, you can show you are the best. That's why customers almost always insist on using their workload as the benchmark. If TD was really 7x cheaper, they'd be winning new logos left and right - which obviously isn't happening. So what does that tell you about TD's claim?

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Cheap and nasty, somewhere new for the next Gartner magic quadrant.

So much for the glory days of serving the rich and famous by having a technology that many customers aspired to buy but could not afford.

Now we are positioned in the bargain isle at the local discount store. How times have changed - mismanagement, stupid decisions and now seemingly downright desperation has kicked in.

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Almost too many d-mb comments to address. First, Slootman could care less about Teradata. You only "advertise" at a competitor's conference when they are kicking your a$$ and even then it shows weakness. M.e. did the same thing against SF a few years ago and look where that got him and TDC. LOL! TDC should focus on fixing their product. And to say it is less expensive than SF is a JOKE. Maybe for some high concurrency enterprise app but 95% of the time SF is far cheaper. Modern companies don't build monolithic EDWs anymore. SF had 10,000 attend their conference. Their Net Promoter Score is 72. They are actually growing revenue. People want to work there. #TDCGotSnowballed

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I heard slootman cracked it with the airport advertising and was trying to get sisolak to take it down. Haha really got under his skin so very effective

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obviously OP doesn't work in marketing nor has any experience in this space. Best to go to college before making a fool of oneself

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A well thought out and cohesive post, and it is downvoted to he-l. What were you thinking? Don't you know that you can't be reasonable and try to take action? If only you would have complained more, then you might have gotten more upvotes from SF's marketing team.

And to the original question asking why we would mention a competitor? BECAUSE IT WAS AT SNOWFLAKE'S SUMMIT smh

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Many times in the past, and this time too, customers and prospects have been lured into "lower-cost" platforms to their detriment. It took some customers 10 years and hundreds of millions of dollars to realize Hadoop was only a file system, not a data warehouse. If they'd only done some basic research up front, they would have saved all that time and money. The same thing is happening now with SNOW, and, in the past, Teradata has kept quiet while competitors did their own misleading hype.

So, I applaud Teradata for finally making it known that when you really look at the numbers and do the research-some workloads wind up costing lots more for less performance on SNOW. As always - buyer beware. Contrary to popular belief, NO platform fits all use cases, and there are no unicorns or magic wands or silver bullets. Every piece of the ecosystem should be evaluated for its strengths.

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Being able to offer a less expensive product than your competitors shows desperation? There are plenty of problems at TD, like any company.
But this seems like a nitpick.

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That’s what you get with a diversity hire.

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LOL - he thought if you just called them "myths" the hard problems would magically disappear. He must have learned that at Marketing University. What a disaster.

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