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I fully agree with Elon

Despite those tough past few months on the market, Tesla is still one of the most valuable companies in the world and worth almost $ 700 billion.
That’s why it’s interesting that when discussing Tesla’s software effort in an interview this week, Musk said the following:
The overwhelming focus is on solving full self-driving. That's essential. It’s really the difference between Tesla being worth a lot of money or worth basically zero.

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I agree with Elon... but I don't have the best opinion about the current sensor package and software.

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What does EM mean by tough quarter? I thought there were so many orders and they raised the prices of vehicles and Tesla was introducing 4680s which cost half to produce per KWh. Not to mention the new graphene based batteries being introduced next year.
If this is a tough quarter, I am not sure what an actual tough quarter with a strong recession look like?

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Tesla's value is in the stock alone. And Elon says a lot of things to control that stock price. Wondering why he hasn't taken on the SEC's horns yet.

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