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When I worked there, before the air became toxic, people had influence and could work in collaborative teams to innovate. Once DXC took over, the culture took a dark tone where all decisions were centralised and innovation was replaced with stagnation and trying to find out why something couldn't be done and where investment on R&D, marketing, Sales, regulatory oversight, risk was cut and customer delivery became a chaotic game of chance. I only pop back now and again to see if the decline in revenue has slowed down; or its been carved up and sold, or has changed its operating model to used car sales or something. Glad to be out that mess.

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Mr. Middle manager get a spine and save this company.

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I'm a manager and is awful for us also. There's too many of us and layers upon layers so we just hold loads of meetings, most of the strategy is around squeezing the workforce in every was possible from pay, expenses, benefits, work, etc and spying on them.

The higher management don't realize that staff want pay and benefits for motivation.

Some managers are just bootlickers who like to lick the next layer brownnoses, they can't think for themselves or say hey that's not going to work or we can't keep screwing the staff.

By constantly beating the staff and keep promising them next year pay raises every year they realise we are not telling the truth.

it's very difficult to motivate staff, so many good people are leaving

So I've had enough and I'm off to a company where they treat staff much better so my job won't be about constant cuts meetings and brownosing.

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