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Another Joke Call...Wait I mean CEO call

Need I say more?
Blah Blah, CareFirst is striving to do XYZ. CareFirst is doing this and that. Filler generic talk that isn't direct or applies to any of us in our day-to-day work.
While workers are miserable and struggling, and that never gets addressed. Most don't even have the time to attend these calls. I know for myself; 9/10 times they occur I cannot attend to listen. If I so much as tried to ask if I could put some work on pause for a moment to attend the meeting, supervisors would likely think I am joking.

Makes you feel like it's the 1400's or some long ago time in history. Those that speak on these calls are all positivity and things are wonderful. And the rest of us, the working poor are starving. The bourgeoisie and the proletariat

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You mean 2% raise for doing a great job!

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Not sure why the quit comment is getting downvoted. That person is right - Update your resume and GTFO.

There are 3 types of associates at CF:

  1. Early career, happy to get the experience at a medium sized company.
  2. Connected individuals with relationships with higher-ups that actually go to bat for them.
  3. Old timers who are in the pension (pre-2010) and CANT leave because their retirement depends on that sweet sweet pension.

Everyone else is wasting their time. 3-4% raise with inflation at 8+% means you are losing money by staying there.

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If this is truly how you feel, you should probably quit.

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