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Randy will not go down with the ship

HyVee and the movie titanic have so many similarities. For example all the crew new the ship was going down but the captain refused the ship could ever sink. Well that Randy to a T. The only thing different between them two is randy won’t go down with the ship. In fact he will be the first one off the boat. Randy is a coward. He can’t take responsibility for how he lead his ship. Remember randy was laying off people pre Covid and during the best economy the world has ever seen. If he can’t keep it afloat during the best economy you know during the recession he is going to fail. Don’t worry he will blame store employees and the new administration for his failures. If the board members keep randy around HyVee will be the next JCPenney or sears.

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You are correct, Randy is a failure. I'm a 25 year Hy-Vee Employee, I've never been so depressed to get up and go to work on all of my career.. It all went down hill when Directors were programmed to"BURN THE SHIPS". They hung up the posters in their offices and did What the Dictator Randy told them to do, go back to your store and take money away from your employees, and tell them take it or leave it... Randy is evil and has destroyed a great COMPANY.. Jeremy G will be Randys puppet, and he too will be a NIGHTMARE.. Randy should not be allowed to appoint anybody, the board of directors should make that decision, not the FAILURE THAT'S UP THERE RIGHT NOW..

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