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2012-2021 Exec Pay of $295 million exeeded the $250 million "Value For Spend" reports "Top executives at Northern Trust received an average $5M per person in annual compensation from 2006 to 2021". 2012-2021 NTRS Exec Pay of $295 million exceeded the $250 million "Value for Spend" plan.

From an ESG viewpoint, how does this executive compensation look in a period that saw mass layoffs in the US and the outsourcing of 1000s of NT jobs to poor Asian countries with low pay and benefits?

What is the “G” in ESG?
“The “G” in ESG refers to the governance factors of decision-making, from policymaking to the distribution of rights and responsibilities among different participants in corporations, including the board of directors, managers, shareholders, and stakeholders. The purpose of the corporation, the role and makeup of boards of directors, and the compensation and oversight of top executives have emerged as core issues in companies’ corporate governance structures.”

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House of cards. NT is getting squeezed by lower cost, higher volume competitors and they don't hold the value proposition to charge higher premiums for service. They will either be acquired or have to change their strategy, if they have one.

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This is why MSCI Says the NTRS ESG Score was reduced by "lack of independent pay and audit committees".

Northern Trust "Talks the ESG talk ... Will it really "walk the ESG walk"?

The term “talk the talk, walk the walk” is a phrase in American slang that means a person should support what they say, not just with words, but also through actions. Those that do not "walk the walk" are hypocrites.

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