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Anyone surprised how little work is done at a new company after leaving Slave Street? Ever worked so hard that you developed awesome multitasking and process improvement skills that makes your new job a piece of cake? That certainly was the case for me.

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Agree I foolishy thought working hard , being on time, staying late when asked.
Was going to protect me during the yearly layoffs, I was laid off.

The people kept in my dept were the lower cost hires, and the layoffs were the
older more experienced workers with a work ethic

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State Street treats employees like slaves and disposable, don't put 100% personal effort for State Street

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@OP+1hnBitlj - My position was outsourced a while ago. Since that time I have only worked for small companies where my base salary was at least 30% - 40% less than what I was earning at State Street. In addition, I worked more than 40 hours a week, closer to 60 hours a week or more. I was never paid any overtime and was never treated with respect. If you have found a better paying, more challenging position where you are treated with respect you should consider yourself to be very fortunate. Many of my former colleagues at all levels did not find a more rewarding position after their positions were outsourced. This includes former vice-president's.

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Wow you mean their are companies which a person only does the work of one person ?

You mean companies where people actually work 35 hours a week , and not 50 to 60 hours a week.

Companies which actually give workers a decent raise and bonus ?

Sounds like this is an episode of the Twilight zone

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I keep in touch with many people that have left State for somewhere else and they all say this. They comment how much less stress they have at their new jobs.
Makes you realize that no doing 3-5x peoples jobs is NOT actually normal.

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