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PWC giving large payrises

PWC giving large payrises -

"The company said half of its more than 20,000 employees in the UK would get an increase of at least 9%, while 70% would get a rise of 7% or more."

Can only increase the pressure on DXC and from DXC employees.

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You are very welcome to join PWC. Unfortunately most of the guys here in DXC are only paper pushers - zero techies - so very little chance of getting hired elsewhere. The smart kids have left town.

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SO what, if you stay here you won't get a penny!

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I guess we can't be compared to Microsoft.

Mike said he would try and give dxc staff shares but was too difficult.

Microsoft seem to manage to give shares and bonuses globally without a problem. Both firms America based and global staff.

Seems like one firm is "can do" and DXC have a can't do attitude even on simple things such as giving shares.

But wait DXC cab give shares, but only to higher managers, seems like its pick and choose.

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Don't compare us to MSFT - that is derogatory for MSFT. Our product is Platform-x-x. One of the the greatest invention after electricity.

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Microsoft to Nearly Double Salary Budgets, Expand Stock Compensation

Microsoft Corp. said it plans to "nearly double" its budget for employee
increases and boost the amount of stock compensation it gives some workers by at least 25 percent, in an effort to retain staff and help people cope with inflation.

The move, effective in the fiscal year beginning July 1, will mainly affect "early to mid-career employees," the software firm said in a May 16 statement to employees, obtained by Bloomberg News.

Microsoft's salary package is made up of base salary, bonus and stock. The changes will apply to a substantial part of the company's workforce, which stood at 181,000 as of June 2021.

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Barristers have rejected a proposed 15% rise in their fees for undertaking legal aid work and will be taking action over the next four weeks.

Members of the Criminal Bar Association (CBA) have said this is too low and called for a minimum 25% wage increase.

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What a load of site.

If your in business you should be able to pay your employees a fair pay.

Rolls Royce is a DXC customer and they are struggling much more than DXC but they are giving £2000 pay rises to each employee.

A number of other employers doing the same.

Just incompetence, if you cant even get COLA cost of living allowances into the contracts especially in times like these where inflation at 10% means your losing 10% of your pay for normal staff.

Get real stop believing Mike's excuses, if he can pay his gang $5 million each there's no excuse for not paying staff a few thousand. I'm sure they won't take any pay cuts.

If the gang were to take a 30% cut then people might understand a little.

Basically total arrogance and 2 fingers at staff.

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SO WHAT , your NOT going to get a huge or even a small pay raise at DXC if your in the North America or the UK. So stop your bi-----g and leave already, if you can find a job with your skill set.

MikeS wants you to leave so he hire more offshore or cheap labor fresh out of school that doesn't know any better


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