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State Street needs leaders with vision

It's become miserable to work here because our leadership has no vision. They seem to have completely lost their direction. Do you too think that we are just very lucky that things aren't much worse here, given what our leadership is like? A company without real leaders will just keep on sinking.

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In my opinion the loss of knowledge among senior business staff is really becoming an issue. Business staff no longer have control of process flow, have lost understanding of custodial services business and cannot support audit inquiries.

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I don’t think you understood this post. We are saying the same thing. Leaders don’t have vision all they see is cost cut and that’s it.

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Your 100% wrong, the goal for the last 20 years is , outsource jobs, bring in H1b workers.

Cut cut cut is the main idea senior mgmt goal is .

I have visited friends who some how survived and are hanging on by a thread.

Been to 2 different buildings and all I saw was departments with only 5 to 10 people instead of the 25 to 40 people who used to work there.

Most area's are like ghost towns

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YES I’ve been saying this. Their only goal right now seems to be get butts in seats when projects everywhere, initiatives planned are just straight failing because everywhere is understaffed or all in India. It boggles my mind how bad it’s getting

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