Thread regarding Sungard Availability Services layoffs


RIP to all of these great products!

ECS, S2D, R2C, MV4DD, etc.

Bonus points if you can translate!

Extra credit if you think of others!

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It’s 2040 and $tens of millions pi---d up the wall yet KR is still trying to get automated recovery working 😂 what a joker that man is.

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You guys are not even trying. c'mon. here are some addtl ones:

  • DDaaS (I and II. These came before MV4DD)
  • Server Replication (NSI Double take based. worked great until they fired the ex-Inflow guy running it all)
  • VSR: replaced Server Rep, and was there prior to S2D. also based on Double Take
  • DaaS (Desktop as a Service): product died on launch in 2014
  • EAS (Looooooooved this one.)
  • ESR Actifio (ugh)
  • MVA (managed vaulting for Avamar....dead on arrival)
  • RMBS I, II and III (same technology, different PM. First one suuuuuuucked)
  • FileNet: Optical disk platters. yeah, we are going back in time
  • Mailgard: print to mail, anyone?
  • Silhouette: desktop imaging service
  • SMI: Service for Medical images
  • PACS: Same but newer...dead on arrival as well
  • Trading Services: hello!!!! that used to sell a lot
  • Item processing and Checkprinting: now gone
  • Hot DASD: ...i mean, that's ooooold...but it worked
  • Megavoice I, II, III, IV and V (plus the current one) (most changes in the last 5 years)
  • Hosted Exchange (I and II)
  • SAP
  • The myriad of server mgmt flavors (secureserver anyone?)
  • The myriad of Managed Shared SAN/aka storage svcs, aka STaaS, aka IPriceTooHighButFU
  • The myriad of security services (McAffee, IBMs, Checkpoint, etc, etc, etc)
  • ...and the million ways we renamed our own cash blackhole... The Network Stuff: SGNET, VNET, Bluesnet, NMLI, Sprint, Verizon MPLS as a service, ASTransport, etc, etc, etc (and now Unitas)

yeah.... we messy

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@8mrr+1hsrCAxb Cloudstack was pretty awesome, for what was being built, a lower cost, more self-service cloud offering.

It was Cisco convincing the mo--n execs, JD, etc, that Openstack was the way to go - and this ki---d a product (cloudstack powered cloud offering) that was already on the floor, with customers on it.

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ECS was pretty awesome until the d-mb CTOs went off to the land of cloudstack, openstack and all that BS - should of kept ECS going and highly automating - one of the fastest growing products they had!

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Had to call MOS III OCS, though 🫠

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We cannot forget MRP and RES!

Industry transforming products!

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ECS was ki---d by stupid executives listening to Cisco promises. I will never forgive them for that. Yes, I'm still bitter.

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Not to mention the millions wasted on the six sigma initiative which returned nothing in productivity. Just the latest cottage industry they fell prey to at the time. We're not making widgets for crying out loud.

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How many ideas were pitched by rat faced KR and upper mgmt was d-mb enough to believe him

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R2C-SR or R2C-SRM?

I miss Asigra and data domain

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