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Sieze the Market or Not?

I keep getting told by the upper management that everybody has to help in siezing the market.

So when there's extra chargeable revenue generating opportunities lower managers block the work.

It's clear the upper management are working on one plan and the lowers are running in the opposite direction. There's obvious disconnect in the management team and the message isn't being listened to by the lower managers.

Upper management sieze the market = means take extra revenue and growth opportunities where available.

Lower management sieze the market = market is "siezed" "jammed". We can't think outside the box, let's just make more cuts instead as we are good in that.

Maybe it's time to focus on what sieze the market means to lower management as they aren't listening.

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I can literally tell this post was produced by a DXC employee...."sieze" is spelled SEIZE... Nothing left at DXC but all the F-UPS...DXC is nothing but a sinking ship.....

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Impossible to turn this titanic ship around - the talented and previously motivated staff was booted out under disastrous leadership of Mikey 1 at CSC, then at DXC - now the same old lack of direction and turnaround by Mr Shouty.

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The answer to this is simple. You can't "Sieze the Market " if you can't deliver the business that sales people think they're selling. Middle management are just reflecting reality, all the good delivery people have left or are leaving, those remaining are demoralised with over-work and underpay. Nothing in it for delivery to "think outside the box" rewards/bonuses go to sales and senior management not middle management and delivery.

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I am an investor and I noticed this in the CFO's remarks. Apparently the company has been paying $1 Billion in annual consulting fees to banks since inception with nothing to show for it. They are slowly winding this down as shown in the FCF now but from what I've heard there's a lot of resistance to doing this. I think the real question is what took them so long?

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It's because the lower management are confused. They are told to cuts costs and sieze the markets the same time.

You can't often generate extra revenue without incurring extra costs, and this can't be comprehended.

Mid/lowers prefer cutting costs over growing as it would show they are cutting costs and in the process they get their bonuses and raises for doing so.

In the meantime they aren't bothered if the company grows or not.

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