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Layoffs are coming

They will layoff en mass once the market turns downwards. I used to be on the calls in the Consulting practice (won't mention the specific group) in their largest revenue market, we would review each person, utilization and the clock. Unless the person is protected (even then that is limited), one bad quarter they will be axed. Look for a bunch of SOS emails coming from employees that have been given the warning trying to get staffed.

It really is just a temp job agency, fools stay there for a long time not realizing how much better real companies with real products are....look out to leave now on your terms if you can.

@6hmr+1hnshulj makes a great point.

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GDPNow for Q2 is now negative. Recession secured.

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there will be a recession in the us. it's almost here. we just do not know how big it'll be. the fed will keep rising rates to decrease inflation, that will result in lower economic activity and purchases of consulting services. so, the consulting side will be hit. oursourcing and services will be ok, that's recurring revenue and it's not that dependend on the cycle. i'd be careful and try to stay on projects now. do not be picky, do not cause any waves now, just wait for about a year or so until things clear.

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