Thread regarding Ciena Corp. layoffs

Too much internal politics for good work

I hate that I joined here. Too much and visible discrimination on kind of work and orders from management.

Not scope for growth and wasted my time here.

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talking about hiring bad people and laying off hardworking ones, did the VP engg get his new area after interviewing for that position or did he weasel his way into it , as usual.
Vyatta was bought because he failed to deliver. We pay the price with lay offs. Whatever he touches, he destroys it. 7 years of failure was not enough to prove his capability ?

Ciena should start posting a job opening and interview candidates from outside before moving bad leaders within the company like musical chairs.

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Bro, just relax. VP has his insecurities and just wants to feel manly by flirting with that woman in development who sent mail saying " my hero". We can only guess what is done in private.
Her friend got promotion.
Just relax and enjoy the drama.

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Do we know how many people just got laid off?

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It gives "god syndrome" to backstabbers and bullies when they get promoted after harassment by them, is proven.
Accountability enforcement is missing in sanjose office.

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dir and VP engg trying to SILENCE the victims and destroy their career while promoting the harassers .
They dont want to fix this hostile team, they want to find out who is outing all their secrets.
Ciena should lay off these corrupt management. Employees have lost trust in their leadership. No customer wants to buy their product. Politics is all they know.

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