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You can’t ki-l cockroaches

The worst part is some of the mid-level and senior level leaders who continue to survive at SEI. Just gross. The culture points are aspirational at best. It’s a bloated bureaucracy, siloed and toxic. I was ejected in 2019 and it was a blessing. I know it hurts for everyone who was let go this round, but I promise you, you are better off. Get out there and network. If you are still there, get out there and network. That company has zero loyalty to employees.

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Former 7-11 corporate employee here, I left years ago but still have many contacts there. I'm saddened to hear their stories, these people were real superstars in a difficult environment. When I left, I felt the culture was toxic. So many employees, especially the older ones, had such a negative attitude toward the brand that I wondered why they were still there. A lopsided relations with franchisees - very high fees to enter, but low quality control. Customer experience was uneven as a result compared to competitors like Racetrack. Senior leadership didn't have the vision to truly transform the business then and I guess they don't now either.

These former 7-11 employees are an asset to any company with good culture. They've been working under constraints so long they don't know what supportive leadership is like - it will be a breath of fresh air for them.

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Accurate statement that mid and senior level leaders that are still there are gross. Their abuse, harassment and discrimination goes unchecked, despite countless attempts to get HR involved. Another department run by gross and feckless leaders. Can't wait to read about the class action lawsuit that destroys any semblance of decency the "leaders" claim. Enough to wake Japan up to come over and blow out the C-suite with a firehose for turning a blind eye.

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