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🍊 Jumpsuits Emblazoned with "Experiences That Matter"

Reality ✔️
++ Investor lawsuits
++ Potential Securities Fraud
++ All the Pay to Play Marketing schemes that mis represented Avaya Success (Avaya will have to disclose to investors who they Pay for placed spin doctor press)
++ All Leaders who were complicit and did not do their job by following the rules in the Code of Conduct (Where was General Counsel? BOD? Head of Ethics?). How about the volume of employees who were pushed out because they spoke up and challenged the lies? Do they now present legal claims, too?
++Debt will continue to INCREASE as stock drops. And next month AVYA will be kicked off the NYSE. All loans require them to be in NYSE
++ ACTUAL ARR, not projected will be required. This will require Avaya to finally disclose customer attrition. AVYA does not have $6m active seats, nor do they have $3m on Cloud. Heck. AVAYA doesn't even have a Cloud Product. They just have the ability to work with a cloud player for the cloud computing partner to host on behalf of Avaya. Yet marketing team will claim otherwise. Just as they claim Media Processing Core is "innovation", when it's just repackaged Experience Portal (and no, your little award proved nothing. It just verified that marketing pays the publication that gives out the awards)

Here we are. Turns out "Experiences that Matter" are the "experience" to con an industry does "matter".

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I anticipate some updates that will further explain some of these.....

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UPDATE 08/09/12 ADD Internal Investigation AND Whistelblower CLAIM SEC Notified and involved. Independent Auditor PriceWaterHouseCoopers ALSO engaged. SERIOUS.

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