Thread regarding Lumen Technologies layoffs

Question on Enhanced Prem Techs.

Are Enhanced Prem Techs a union job as it seems the company just made the position up?

If layoffs do come will EPTs go first?

My thought is that once they hire too many EPTs, like they did with the BBTs for the prism build up, they could call another layoff just targeting the higher paid net techs and broadband techs leaving the lower paid EPTs alone.

There wouldn’t even be any enhanced prem tech openings in this scenario for BBTs or NTs to transfer even if they wanted too as “too many techs” with similar job function would be the reason for said layoffs?

Can anyone tell me where I am wrong in my thinking or what, if anything, I am missing I’m this scenario?


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Let’s clarify the EPT role…it is not only for fiber, it’s only for fiber right now. Read the full job description. EPTs can work on copper and fiber, but the can not access the cable (under sheath), by they can access serving terminals and x-box’s. They will be trained on copper work very soon. Long view- you need cable maintenance techs to fix the cable trouble (5% is under sheath, 95% is in a terminal), and EPTs to install the service.

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The union approved the job title so thank them. And yes you nailed it when the company gets enough EPT bye bye NET Techs

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They havnt hired a "Broadband tech" in 20 years. In fact they never hired a BBT. Anyone who is currently a BBT took the job title when it was offered in the early 2000's. They all transferred from Net Tech titles. Same job, different job title. Literally was zero difference between the two. Whatever Qwest hoped to make the Broadband title out to be never came to fruition.

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EPT is a represented job title and yes the company did just make it up. CWA lost the grievance when it went to arbitration. Unfortunately the company can layoff net techs/BBT and hire EPT’s as much as they want. They’ve been doing it since last year in Arizona and in other states. The biggest thing the net techs/BBT have going for them is that there is so much copper and it will take quit some time to replace it all with fiber. Also the EPT techs are only trained on fiber and don’t/can’t do any copper which is the majority of our work and are not trained on it.

Phoenix is one of Lumens biggest markets and at rare times when there’s not a lot of gpon work the EPT’s have nothing to do while the net techs/BBT are always busy. Net techs/BBT work on the entire plant which is still a big advantage when it comes to layoffs considering how much copper is still out there.

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