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Read the WARN Act and know your rights!

Read the WARN Act if you've been laid off by Avaya. Did Avaya follow this legislation in the layoffs happening today?

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WARN requires 60 notice or 60 days pay in lieu of notice

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I am receiving the 60 days pay plus health insurance in lieu of notice.

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If the company designates that severance benefits are made in lieu of WARN notice, then unemployment benefits may be delayed for up to 60 days.

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File today. If you sign an agreement that severance was paid in lieu of notice, then benefits may be delayed 60 days. The April agreement did not say that severance was in lieu of notice and people collected beginning the first full week they were unemployed.

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By law they're required to give employees 60 day notice of layoffs. By paying us 8 weeks, they get around this law. It's called pay in lieu of notice. It's not them being compassionate, it's just them avoided lawsuits.

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They can give you a 60 day severance payment in lieu of the notice. That's why people get 8 week severance, in that case they do not want to file anything.

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60 day notice - Will there be a 60 day notice for laid off employees? Will the employee be paid for those 60 days in addition to the severance?

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WARN stipulates 60 day notice. For the last decade or so, Tech Companies have leveraged/exercised WARN to give themselves protections against lawsuits. However, they don't necessarily give 60 Day Notice. What they do is consider your severance your Notice Period. Been monitoring states about WARN filings. So far, none have been filed. That may have more to do with how spread out Avaya workforce is, and if they kept the filings to under 50 or 100 (cant recall) in each state they may not have to file.

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