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Taking paycheck, enjoying my life

Lumen is highly corrupt and screwed up. End of story.

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i would rather listen to horrible elevator music 24x7 than to work there again.

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Retired in 2029 after 26 years best move ever spent 1 glorious year Retired.
Accepted 1 of many offers to contract splice copper for 3k + per week.
Awesome pick when where I want to work. All work so far has been for zippy.
Oh the joy of being respected and appreciated for knowledge and allowed to do job correctly.
Anyone still in this hellhole competent in copper you are in demand and will be paid and respected.
Lots of construction and road moves requiring copper expertise although there is not a lot of copper service left what there is needs to be dealt with like we did in the day.
Darn few of us left who care and can do it copentently. Those who will can are valued and will be paid.
Make calls network get out your BP and stress level will thank you.

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Don't cry about it.
Enjoy awhile the checks are still coming.
There are a lot people in this country Don't have what you have.

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You lose a little of your soul every time you cash it.

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