Thread regarding Sungard Availability Services layoffs

What happened to Sungard???

How does a company, the likes of Sungard, fail??? This was the de facto disaster recovery company!!!

I worked at Sungard during the prosperous years. Retired nearly 10 years ago. Made a very good salary for a good number of years.

When I was at Sungard, the exceptional sales reps were pulling in high six digit salaries. Easy selling because Sungard, at the time, was the industry leader when it came to disaster recovery!!! We set the trends.

What happened???

How does company like Sungard fail???

I'm just amazed at what's become of the company I worked for both during and after the Comdisco acquisition.

Very sad to read these posts...

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Don't forget the hedge fund crooks that did the leveraged buyout then took 10's of millions a year as 'management fee'.

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From the Philly Inquirer. Those still working at 401, pleas be careful. I front of the new Philly Police headquarters as well.

Such crimes are not an anomaly in the Callowhill area around the police station, which sits next the school district’s administrative building. Police data shows at least four robberies and six aggravated as----ts were reported within a one-block radius over the last six months.

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Macro economics matters. SungardAS failed multiple times to evaluate the market and make a move in ONE direction before the trend changed. Essentially, they wound up chasing the cloud market late and made mature products already in the industry return to infancy stage with their touch of sungard added in, failed to see the change in the model of the colocation and price accordingly to that effect all while living on their past glory of the good ole days of RS where there were the leader. Merely living on their brand while not doing anything productive (research and development, market studies, trend cycles, etc.) led to their eventual demise. That's where we're at ladies and gentlemen.

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You didn't have to be a great salesman to make money at SunGard back in the day. They had a quasi monopoly and customers were standing in line to place orders for services. the industry changed, we didn't

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