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Dish Network - Wireless Layoffs in 2022

Dish just laid off almost 100 people right before Labor Day in their nascent Retail Wireless organization. Everyone was stunned. They’ve have been hiring like crazy while their wireless subscribers have tanked – over 1.5M lost since Boost was acquired from T-Mobile in 2020 (source: Dish 2Q22 Financial Results). Dish has no understanding of how to effectively run a wireless business and has unrealistic growth expectations. The company is now forced to play the price game because its service quality is so poor *.

Dish is an absolute mess to work at. Everyone working at Dish is miserable and the company's employee attrition rate is through the roof.

Dish executives randomly make major decisions without any consideration for how it will get done or the impacts on employees. When everything doesn't go absolutely perfectly Dish 'leadership' looks for scapegoats (people are fired). I feel really badly for Dish project managers who are under extreme pressure trying to manage things outside their control and are treated extremely poorly!

Despite recently launching a new 5G network (almost entirely reliant on AT&T's 5G network*) this is a company in serious decline. Cable TV cord cutting is rapidly accelerating and the wireless industry is extremely competitive with large entrenched competitors. It's only a matter of time before Dish is forced to break itself up and sell off its pieces.

Good luck Charlie!

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Field Marketing Manager for Boost Mobile at Sprint/Dish for almost 20 years.

Informed 8/23 that position was eliminated by Dish. Access to company website immediately cut off and computer confiscated. No opportunity to properly transition work.

No notice.
No severance.
No support.

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This company is going bankrupt. Charlie got lucky and rode the wave of linear TV when people when it was a novelty. Wireless is not a novelty in 2022, and he will lose this bet big. In the end, it won't matter to him though, he is retiring anyways. Better jump ship before they toss you out.

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