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60 Layoffs

60 Layoffs, of good productive employees, many being with Overstock for over 10 years. CEO stated during a company meeting 'you are not promised a job here. No upper management was laid off or let go, they actually hired more C-level executives who know nothing of the business.

I urge those who remain working with Overstock to look for different employment. There will be more layoffs as they move to total automation. They want to have as little spending on a workforce as possible and have everything automated on the back end while selling expensive furniture only to make a profit.

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I see they are now playing damage control on these posts here and on other platforms.

Funny how they just had a meeting about this today saying to ignore places like this and now we see damage control being done.

The fact is those let go were not given great packages, more have been let go since then and they are now trying to get people to quit so they do not have to pay a modest severance package or let them get unemployment.

They are placing people into positions with the sole purpose of having them make the Overstock lifestyle difficult so they will quit, like Tanner Carlson who has his job due to being buddies with the President since they went to college together. He knows nothing of his job role and is there just to cut costs by getting rid of partners and employees.

When this was questioned by someone high up in leadership who did not agree with these new tactics to get partners to move on and employees to quit, that person was forced to leave the company.

Now they are on here to play damage control.

In the coming months they will be pushing automation more than before (automatic replies to customers, increasing their overseas customer service, automated replies to partner questions, etc.). They are going to be akin to Amazon soon. If you work at Overstock, do not quit if the environment seems off and the managers are ignoring you. Make them pay you out or lay you off so they have to pay.

They do not want this information coming out because they do not want employees outside of management to know. Share this anywhere you can, so people know exactly what is going on before Overstock can continue with this damage control and brain washing.

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What were the first round of layoffs like? Pretty vague but all we were told as the “survivors” was that we right-sized and if we all ~BeLiEvE~ that everything will get better.
Oh! And that those who were laid off were given SUPER generous exit packages. Whatever.

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Why would a company not want to make profit? If they can reduce costs and keep their business going, they will do that. If they see a better trajectory for their company by cutting people where they can, any company will do this.

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Layoffs are J.J's strategy to make people more accepting of being forced back into the office.

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