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Stop the testing madness

The president said last night on our network that the pandemic is over so why are we still testing? Management say's its the unions setting the policy, if that's true stop costing so many union and non-union workers work. Most every other network has been back to work a usual for quite some time now. The cost to show budgets is ki----g us, why hav'nt the shareholders stepped up and asked where all the money is going. Please stop the madness, if a talent or a crew member wants to wear a mask let them, if they want to test let them, if someone does'nt feel well then send them a test and don't punish them for doing the right thing. We dont need adults bossing other adults around on set, drop the CCO's Most of us are vac'ed and boosted, its time to move on.

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What does that have to do with layoffs?
Get over yourself already

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