Thread regarding Shell Oil layoffs

Gretchen's email, make your voice heard

We want oil rights because selling the devil's ex------t is lucrative right now. But we can't admit to each other that we're really just a band of greedy wh--es. So we're going grab the moral high ground AND whine about not being able to play in the cesspool. IN THE SAME SENTENCE

Y'know, I was hoping that with BvB packing up and scooting his a-s back across the Chunnel, we might be spared the sickening duplicity in all that we do. Like Russian oil. ("YOU HEARD ME!! ... No... fu-k YOU!")

Benny should thank Gretchen for reminding us all that his hypocrisy, greed, and virtue signaling are not moral failings, just part of the empty Shell culture. Now go be good little lapdogs and lip sync Gretchen's email-writer's unifying pledge of allegiance to drill for oil because no one else can be trusted to make money and still feel bad about it.

OR why not make your voice heard in SPS. It won't matter. Except to prove you have te------s.

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Oh for fu-k's sake.
Ex creme nt (deemed too vulgar for your dainty sensibilities) Who res and Test icles

How did cesspool get by the censors?

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