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How much cash was paid for cerner?

If O had waited they could have acquired 2 cerners for cash now. Ouch this deal is going to become Achilles heel.

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They’ll see the down votes of the most corrupt. Times have changed. Corrupt employee abuse is not tolerated. Larry Fink is making a stmt re: employee support.
They will switch hit faster than their politicians buddies and make fools out the ones that were setup in the beginning to take the fall if, needed.
People are tired of negative Mgmt. It doesn’t work after all look at what’s going on. The more positive mgmt leaders are moving ahead while Oracle is grasping to breathe.

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Looks like some are afraid that LE and others in upper management and possibly the board might see or hear about certain posts on this site. Truth can not be hidden and is big part of the reason that Oracle is in the situation it is today. Facts are facts can not be changed. Deflection and manipulation never works. Taking responsibility and treating employees fairly is the only way Oracle can get out this mess, Trying to control things only makes a bigger mess. If you didn't have anything to hide then, you wouldn't be trolling this sight. That's a big red flag.
There a lot of people at Oracle that have treated horribly and many are employed now doing their level best to keep their jobs and keep the work load up that is very difficult right now because good people got laid off and others were bullied and left. Oracle needs to take care of their hard working people. For VPs to give themselves raises, etc during this time is unacceptable. Oracle is publicly company and there are rules. Accountability is required and there is no transparency. There are alot of people on my team that, will stop until certain things are cleaned up. It's up to Oracle to get it done. The Atlanta patent filer needs to be brought to justice. The individuals that he has hurt are important. Let's see how long this message will stay up.
Standing up for what is right and good is not easy. Corrupt behavior is poison.

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I think that the train has left the station!

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There's a cool service. Maybe you have heard of it. It is called google. Type in "google" in the address bar of your browser and hit the key. Then type in your Cerner question again there. Google will magically direct you to the answer to your question.


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