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$20hr minimum for branch employees - great for entry level tellers and new hires, a snub to everyone else

It took me a few years and few promotions to make it from $15 to $22. Newbs with zero experience now make more than $22 at the door. While I agree that we all need to be paid a living wage of $20 or more, pay and bonuses for existing employees haven't kept up with changing times. Why not bump us up all a bit more than our 1-3% annual increases, for f*cks sake. Other companies have done as much.
Also, why are we offering $1000-3000 bonuses and "double bonus offers" to refer external candidates, instead of using that money to prevent current employees from leaving? Not to mention this bonus practice discourages internal upward mobility.

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It's criminal that they don't offer cost of living increases. Every company should but, Union Bank stopped caring sometime ago. Ever wonder why all support teams don't want to help. Even customer service for credit cards is so bad

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