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My mistake is that I stayed too long

It would have been better for me if I had left this place much earlier. Now I'm starting to feel that I wasted my time here, and maybe I could have made a much better career somewhere else.
So, what would be the best advice for those who have just arrived here? - - My advice is that they should not stay longer than a year or a maximum of two years. You don't want to get in a situation where you just stagnate with time.

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Really depends on what division you are in. Also, perhaps what your role is. There wont be much left after L&S sale. We knew Apollo would sell pieces off. There should not be any shock of the structure of this company after the 2017 purchase of West by Apollo. If you stayed, it was a choice and you understood the 2017 transaction. If they are new, they dont care about the past, only the future. Shouldnt individuals just focus on their personal growth and development and just focus on executing their job duties to the best of their abilities? Why put a time limit on things if you are doing well in your role. No one can control what Apollo will do so learn and focus on the items in your hands. If you are miserable, then leave. It makes no sense to be miserable.

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