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I ended my pain and suffering.

3 years ago, after 7 years of abuse and mental suffering by management; I finally found my way out of O and my life changed.

I became whole again; I feel productive and feel like I am contributing towards my own career and customer success. I feel that the things I am learning will carry me into the next decade and help grow my career.

After 20 years of working on Oracle Technology, I will never work on their stack again after seeing the way they treat their customers and employees.

So many of you who troll this board are tormented like I was. I only come here 1-2x per year to remind myself of how bad it was and how good things are now.

If you are here questioning yourself; do what ever you can to get out of the puppy mill and move on.

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My god, I thought I'd find solace in this thread, but instead I see how truly awful this company is. I thought, hey, maybe its just me org/group/etc. But, no. It's company-wide. This is awful. People who have been here for years, decades. Just wow. I"m really happy for those who made it out and found a better path, and didn't let this place suck the life out of you. I'm cheering for you, and for everyone still stuck here.

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7 years of abuse -- should never happen. i'm happy that you found a better way. The abusers seem to have no remorse. We all find our power in some form. We were not made to control and abuse others., Oracle VPs & mgrs seem to feel that it's their duty -- that's how sick these people are.
They have no clue how mentally deranged they are and they need to be terminated, immediately. During difficult times, as they continue to do what they know to do - it has a way of being more obvious. Sadly Oracle is not the only employer that abuses their employees. Employee abuse, stealing work for self credit, promotion is inexcusable.

Everything has changed. As bad as the pandemic has been if, there is a silver lining, the Great Resignation has changed corporate culture. Consultants are being hired to work within many industries. Ethics is becoming important, again. A pat on the back is everything, encouragement, good managers lead by coaching producers to raise the bar and achieve much for themselves which, makes the company strong. Oracle is weak the dysfunction is scary. Oracle and IBM were pioneers of much but, sadly will be remembered badly with the worst reputations. Right now, nobody cares about bad reputations but, that mindset is taking a 180.
Employee abuse will be written about and those that think they got away with it -- might be surprised. Culture affects health and mental illness is unpredictable. those that abuse others, abuse themselves. Retirement in an institution ia not attractive neither is abuse.

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