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Will Employee Monitoring Software identify YOU for a layoff?

Everything you do on a company PC can be recorded, like looking at this page. This info can be used to score the most/least active employees and can help identify those for termination. This software is best for tracking activity or quantity of keystrokes rather than productivity that increases corporate efficiency.

Will Employee Monitoring Software identify YOU for a layoff?

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Employee Monitoring Software Features now in widespread use:

  • Taking screenshots of employees’ screens, making video recordings, live video feeds
  • Invisible tracking software installs and stealth monitoring features
  • Keyloggers recording every character typed
  • Instant Messaging app monitoring
  • Remote desktop control
  • Spying on employees’ mobile devices using remote work access app
  • Complete communication logs
  • VOIP calls spying
  • Internet monitoring
  • Mobile Keylogger
  • Geofencing alerts
  • GPS tracking
  • Remote control of the infected device along with viewing and blocking specific apps
  • Access to calendar, notes, and reminders
  • Surroundings audio recording capability
  • Taking over phone’s camera, making screenshots, and the ability to see all multimedia content on the infected device
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Harvard Busines Review reported on this is the June 2022 issue. "In April 2020, global demand for employee monitoring software more than doubled. Online searches for “how to monitor employees working from home” increased by 1,705%, and sales for systems that track workers’ activity via desktop monitoring, keystroke tracking, video surveillance, GPS location tracking, and other digital tools went through the roof. Some of these systems purport to use employee data to improve wellbeing — for example, Microsoft is developing a system that would use smart watches to collect data on employees’ blood pressure and heart rate, producing personalized “anxiety scores” to inform wellness recommendations. But the vast majority of employee monitoring tools are focused on tracking performance, increasing productivity, and deterring rule-breaking.

For example, a social-media marketing company in Florida installed software on employees’ work computers that takes screenshots of their desktop every 10 minutes and records how much time they spend on different activities. The company then uses this data to determine productivity levels and identify rule-breakers. Similarly, Amazon tracks smartphone data for its delivery drivers to monitor their efficiency and identify unsafe driving practices."

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Learn more about Employee Monitoring Software below.

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